Hyundai Ioniq – Front End PPF & Ceramic Coatings


The future of the automobile has bought about some unconventional design concepts and one could argue at the forefront of these individual styles maybe the Korean manufacturers. Not being afraid to step away from the more traditional design language Hyundai are certainly pushing forward with EV technology and style.

Spearheading paint protection technology, XPEL. As a certified installer we installed a front end paint protection kit consisting of both front wings, bumper, bonnet and front facing bumper inserts. Satin lacquers are susceptible to aging, shining and natural marking when washing, trying to match these drop levels when repairing can create real challenges and certainly lead to a bigger repair blend area. Protecting against chips, abrasions and fallout reduces the need to be concerned about the front end areas for piece of mind and overtime money saving.

The remaining paintwork was protected using XPEL satin ceramic coat to complete a 360 protection package

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