• Ford Sierra RS Cosworth – Ceramic Coatings


    It’s 1988, and onto the scene bursts the Ford Sierra Cosworth – a 204bhp hot saloon selected by the bad guys as the ultimate getaway car, effortlessly outpacing the constabulary’s aging Rover SD1. This was another homologation special designed to challenge the dominant BMW E30 M3 BTCC Challenger. While an icon to own, it posed […]

  • BMW G80 M3 CS – Multi Panel


    Paint Protection Film (PPF), by name, would lead you to believe that the advanced urethane membrane only covers the painted surfaces of your vehicle. However, in the case of the G80 BMW M3 CS, the bumper installation consists of over 40 individual pieces, covering not only the painted sections but also grills, surrounds, intakes, and […]

  • Porsche 992 Turbo S – Multi Panel


    Each iteration of the 911 model improves upon the achievements of its predecessor, a challenging endeavour to ensure the 1964 design remains relevant even after 56 years. The 992 Turbo S beautifully exemplifies this progression, retaining the core elements of the 911 while embracing contemporary 21st-century style. This particular 992 Turbo S protected with our […]

  • Lotus S1 Elise – Multi Panel


    This week, we’ve had the opportunity to work with this simple machine. Though ‘simple’ can sometimes carry negative connotations, in the case of the Lotus S1 Elise, it is its highest accolade. Achieving simplicity is no small task, and while the Elise doesn’t boast big wings, body cuts, or unnecessary buttons, it was the loudest […]

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