Porsche 992 GT3RS – Performance Pack


Porsche you don’t go by halves, do you? 

The aerodynamics of the new 992 GT3 have certainly levelled up from the somewhat subtle 991 generation. The big wing (although bigger) is still a prominent feature, while the louvered arches, bumper cuts, and roof aero blades are all amplified, extracting every possible opportunity to increase downforce. However, with all these aero details comes an increased chance for road debris to be lifted, reaching painted surfaces that were once out of harms way, notably around the large openings in the front wings and rear bumper, with painted sections now sat directly behind the wheels. At a minimum these areas should be factory fitted PPF!

This particular 992 GT3 RS took advantage of our performance PPF option:

  • Front end – bumper, bonnet, front wings, and wing mirrors
  • Side skirts extending up into the rear quarters
  • Rear bumper cut out and leading edges.

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