Porsche 992 GTS – Performance PPF


Simple beauty can also lead to great pains. The almost seamless front end of a 911 has always been part of the shapes beauty but when it comes to repairs or paint it can be a somewhat painful task. Having panels so many large panels front facing open themselves up to stone chip and abrasion damage which individually isn’t necessarily an issue but matching finish can often lead to small issues becoming front end repaints.

While we are always going to advocate paint protection film its benefits extend past the initial thoughts of protecting the paint. It been proven that additional repairs outside of the factory can have an impact on residual values and at times turn more away that those happy to accept.

This 992 GTS opting for our performance PPF kit, protecting front end, mirrors, side skirts up into the rear quarters as well as an impact strip along the leading edges of the rear bumper.

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