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Methodical protection of the automotive clearcoat layer of paint from direct exposure to stone chips, scratches and other forms of moderate abrasion, with meticulous artisan application of hydrophobic, polyurethane film, originally developed for the military to protect helicopter blades from shrapnel.

Precision Preparation Process



Multi stage chemical decontamination process, removing foreign contaminants from the clearcoat surface of the paintwork.



Mechanical process of purification, physically polishing the clearcoat to ensure stubborn contaminates are removed while refining the top layer ready for PPF application.



Application of the 0.18mm thick polyurethane film. Using precision pre-cut pattern pieces, film is applied with millimetre precision to ensure exposed surfaces are covered and more importantly protected.

At The PPF Labs we offer complete surface protection

From chemical to physical, we offer the worlds most advanced paint protection solutions.


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How long does the PPF last?

Manufactures warranty last for 10 years, protecting from discolouration, cracking, blistering and delaminating.

How do I look after PPF?

As well as offering robust protection, PPF has been designed to be very low maintenance. Regular washes with PH neutral products, towel drying with the occasional wipe over of Ceramic Boost, is adequate to maintain the surface finish.

How quickly does the PPF self-heal?

The top 0.013mm clearcoat layer employs elastomeric polymers which allows the surface abrasions to heal, warmth from the sun relaxes the material and aids the speed of the heal. The polymers remove the need for physical polishing maintaining a clear blemish free finish.

How much damage can the film withstand? What do you do if the film becomes scuffed/damaged?

The PPF measures 0.18mm thick, enabling the material to be robust. Stone chips, scratches, general washing marks and light swirls are not an issue. In situations such as wall scrapes, malicious incidents, and accidents while the panel maybe dented the paint has remained unscathed.

In the event of damage the section of film can simply be replaced.

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